Established in 1971, G. C. Metals Limited is a completely independent precious metal refiner, specialising in the reclamation of all precious metals - GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM and PALLADIUM groups.

Our refining experience, coupled with personal attention, has for many years, provided our customers with high yields and a fast reliable reclamation service, and is why many leading companies continue to use us for all their precious metal needs. Depending on your requirements, we can sit recepticles in customer works areas for storage and collection of scrap arisings.

If you have precious metal bearing material, we, here at G. C. Metals Limited will reclaim these for you offering a fast, competitive, flexible service with quick settlement. G. C. Metals is a reputable bullion trading company and possesses the necessary scope and flexibility to trade your precious metals. If you would prefer, we also offer the facility for buying your material outright.

Speak to us on +44 (0)116 2542832 for more information on our services, or arrange a visit from a member of our specialised staff who will come down to your site and assess the viability of your reclaimable scrap with you.

At all stages of our reclamation service, your material is tracked, which allows you to follow its progress. For further peace of mind, our site is fully secured, with your material fully insured.

Trust is the most important basis for the success of a refinery. Trust presupposes care, reliability and competence.



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Precious metal bearing waste arises from different processes in industries as diverse as the electronics, dental, jewellery, avionics and chemical industries. We work with them all. Follow the links to see the industries we work with and the materials we recover.

See what happens to your material INSIDE OUR REFINERY.

From initial sampling and assaying, through collection and sorting, to full refining and bullion exchange, G. C. Metals Limited provides a complete personalised end-to-end solution.


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