Environmental Policy

G. C. Metals Limited is fully licensed by the UK Environment Agency and registered under the integrated Pollution Prevention & Control permit. This ensures we meet all European and UK standards for emissions to air and water.

We, here at G. C. Metals Limited, take our environmental commitments seriously, monitoring emissions and their effects on the environment under a controlled programme, inline with Environmental Agency guidelines. Indeed, we are committed to researching ways to minimise our emissions.

As a refiner, we have a duty to our customers to provide a safe and viable way to reclaim precious metals, whilst safely disposing of potentially environmentally damaging materials and chemicals. We recognise that the environment is an integral and fundamental part of our service.

We are committed to providing quality innovative refining and processing services in a manner that seeks to reduce our own and our client companies' environmental impact and makes prudent use of natural resources.

We are licensed to import, handle and treat materials which under international conventions are classified as environmentally hazardous wastes.

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