About G. C. Metals Ltd.

Established in 1971, G. C. Metals has been at the forefront of the profession, providing precious metals reclamation services to some of the biggest firms in world industry.

With over thirty years of independent bullion dealer and refining experience, we have developed processes, techniques and contacts that enable us to offer you a complete end-to-end solution. Our objective is to maximise precious metal reclaim yields by working closely with our customers and tailoring refining processes to suit their needs.

It is through keeping to this one simple objective that our customers are continually benefiting, enjoying cost-savings, maximised reclaim yields and a better quality of service.

Each customer is different. Whether you are a large electronics manufacturer, jewellery manufacturer, waste asset manager, dental technician or an individual with some precious metal bearing material, we have the appropriate individual solution that will maximise your reclaim yields.

To enable us to help you, we here at G. C. Metals have a team with extensive technical experience and knowledge that is well-positioned to tackle your reclaim needs of today. With our constant investment in new techniques and practices, we are devising new processes that, combined with our approach, will tackle your reclaim needs of tomorrow.

Enjoy cost-savings, maximised reclaim yields and a better quality of care.

Trust is the most important basis for the success of a refinery. Trust presupposes care, reliability and competence.



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  • Sampling and analysis - We sample your material to establish its expected yield. Put a sample in an envelope to us, and we will quickly analyse it and establish its reclaim viability for you.

  • Free speedy nationwide collection - We will then organise a quick collection of your material to be transported to one of our secure sites. Our network of transport carriers gives us a global reach, allowing us to transport from around the world. Please enquire as to our global rates.

  • Peace of mind - All your material, no matter how big or small is tracked from start to finish.
  • Efficient refining - We will refine your material in a cost-effective manner, ensuring that best reclaim yields are obtained.

  • Quick & easy settlement - G. C. Metals offers a variety of settlement options to suit your choice, whether it be cheque, wire transfer, metal return or holding metals on account until you are ready to sell.