Quality of Service

G. C. Metals Limited provides precious metal reclamation with peace of mind.

We understand the importance and trust that our customers place in us when using our precious metal reclamation services. We value it highly. As such, our service is tailored to take account of this and provide a quality of care that sets us apart from our competitors. Indeed, it is this that has attracted some of industry's leading companies to continually use us.

The close personal attention we offer allows us to identify our customers' precious metal reclaim needs and identify the best techniques and processes for their material. This allows our customers to develop a better understanding of the reclamation process, building up a relationship of trust. It is this relationship that is central between any refiner and customer.

At all stages of our reclamation service, your material is tracked, which allows you to follow its progress. For further peace of mind, your material is fully insured from collection to end.

To ensure this high standard of care, G. C. Metals makes use of the latest technology and processes, whilst benefitting from the wealth of experience and knowledge it has built up. In addition, our in-house refining is subject to constant monitoring and assessment.


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