Metal Processing & Refining

Recovery of materials is an efficient way of saving natural resources and costs, with refined products having the same high purity levels.

G. C. Metals Limited processes and refines material, reclaiming the precious metals contained within. What is considered waste, can in fact contain many reusable metals. We will recover these for you. Using advanced chemical, electrical and smelting techniques, we are able to efficiently and cost-effectively maximise your reclaim yields.

Our on-site refining lowers costs and ensures maximum financial returns for our customers. Furthermore, it allows us to monitor and enforce conformity with in-house criteria and legal requirements, as well as environmental, health and safety standards.

We are able to offer various settlement options for a quick and simple turnaround on your materials. They include:

G. C. Metals Limited also offers a free, efficient and quick collection service nationwide. To arrange this, contact us on 0116 254 2832. For customers outside the UK, please enquire as to our worldwide collection service and special rates.

For details of industries that benefit from our services and for more detailed information on specific material types that are suitable for recovery, please see our INDUSTRIES page and RECOVERABLE MATERIALS page.

We endeavour to maximise your reclaim yields and ensure maximum financial returns.

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